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Art by Phoebe Randall and Catherine Ayotte

Art by Phoebe Randall and Catherine Ayotte

Want to find someting education to spark your mind? Visit Mind Your Maths. 

To my students:

Hi guys! I miss you!! I know it's a little strange out there, but with humor, grace, and empathy, we will get through it. I will be here for you just as often as I was when we were all in school: by chat room, email, or phone. I will find a way to give you some virtual magic sand, slime, and smelly stickers. In the meantime, hug your emotional support stuffed animals and take a tour of the Miscellaneous Math Videos and Mind your Maths. 

Stay safe, healthy and sane.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Bailey

Mission: Making Math Fun and Accessible to all

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