NBCT 2010, PAEMST 2015


Stay Curious

Pi versus e Debate

This debate has been ongoing since merchants considered the concept of interest and the Babylonians estimated the area of a circle. Where do your loyalties lie?

Unwrapping a Tesseract

An identification topology perspective on understanding a hypercubes

Hypercube Explanation

Yes, it's in German, but this is one of the best videos in explaining how to think about hypercubes. 

Inside-Out Sphere

How does one turn a sphere inside-out without breaking, ripping, or pinching the sphere? Watch the video and find out. 


Not Knot: A topological tour of the world of knots by studying the space in which the knot is not

The Adventures of a Klein Bottle

Would you like to learn all about Klein Bottles from the "Inside" , which happens to also be the "Outside"? 

4th Dimension Explained

The narrator may have a strange voice, and the animation may be a little outdated, but it has the best line  ever: 

"We must be smart like the lizards were before."